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Remember the Fallen


Remember the Fallen
I would like to remember my comrades who give their lives during the Battle of the Bulge.  In fact, the book with my WWII story is a tribute to these fallen comrades of the 926th Signal Battalion: 

Captain Harvey R. Clugston, our medical officer, seriously wounded December 16, 1944 by German 88 shelling and died December 17, 1944.

1st Sergeant Clarence E Cochran, seriously wounded December 26 German bomb at Roux, Belgium and died December 27, 1944. 

The following were billeted in the classroom with me, probably within 20 feet from me:

M/Sergeant Lloyd W. Hunt, Olin E. Fritz, Robert D. Baldwin, Santiago H. Gonzalez, Talisfor Buizeika, Robert P. Bivins all killed by the Flying Bomb, V-1, nicknamed the "buzz bomb", the night of December 28, 1944 in Liege, Belgium.
I was completely buried by debris.  After I dug myself out of the debris, I pitched in and helped dig out my buried comrades, who all had died. 
 Orville Iverson in the place where he was buried by debris (Photo: O. Iverson)
A Belgium writer gives his tribute: “There is one thing you dare not forget and that you must keep eternally engraved in your heart.  It is the memory of these men who came from far away overseas and clung to the ground, fighting one against ten, falling down under bombing and shelling, for the name of LIBERTY.” 
“And when you pass before a military cemetery, when you will see the little white crosses adorning the tombs of the soldiers of Baugnez, Stoumont, of Rochefort, and of so many little villages of the Ardennes, from the depths of your heart you will cry to them: “THANK YOU” 
Source: Bulge Bugle May 2014

By T/Sgt Orville B IVERSON


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